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Are you a recent convert to vinyl playback? Are you records not sounding as great as you would have hoped? Your phono cartridge installation might be the problem. more
Alphabet-owned Google is working on blocking user conversations with its new Bard generative AI assistant from being indexed on its Search platform or showing up as results.“Bard allows … more
The tech giant continues to focus on AI technology, while French start-up Mistral steps into the competitive market of large language models. Read more: Meta reveals new AI tools while Mistral … more
Kong Inc., the creator of application programming interface connectivity platform, today announced a new version of its popular API gateway, Kong Gateways. Kong Konnect Dedicated Cloud Gateways … more
La agencia de protección a los consumidores de Estados Unidos asegura que el gigante de internet usó su poder monopólico para aumentar precios y perjudicar a sus competidores more
An API gateway provides a mechanism through which the user interface components of an application can connect to back-end services to exchange data. This article introduces the concept of an … more
Microsoft has long intended to make Windows the place for developers. Its intention is shown in both software and hardware as the company aims to deliver tools that make it possible to build … more
Amazon hit with sweeping antitrust lawsuit, Open AI reportedly in talks with Apple’s former product designer for a hardware project and two hacker groups fight over who’s responsible for … more
Java Development Kit (JDK) 21 officially arrived September 19, 2023. Next up is JDK 22, or Java 22, due March 19, 2024. A range of capabilities from structured concurrency to computed … more
Week 4 of the NFL season kicks off at Lambeau Field tonight with an NFC North clash between Detroit and Green Bay. more
Stock up on everything you need for your office and get huge savings. more
Ryan has been with Sony's PlayStation division since 1994, holding various senior roles and leading it during the PlayStation 5 launch amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more: Sony’s Playstation … more
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said ‘we are so back’ on X as ChatGPT gets a new Browse feature bringing it up to speed with current data. Read more: ChatGPT has come of age and can now browse the … more
Meta's latest headset sports faster loading times, a more comfortable design and 10 times more pixels than the Quest 2, but it may face competition from Apple's Vision Pro next year. Read more: … more
From Sunday, workers at the main United States base in Antarctica will no longer be able to walk into a bar and order a beer, after the federal agency overseeing the research program decided to stop … more
Unique in that today it encompasses financial services, software and hardware, Block describes its mission as economic access and empowerment. We spoke to its chief legal officer, Chrysty Esperanza, … more
We're excited to unpack the newest updates rolled out for the Windows Subsystem for Android™ on Windows 11. Designed with the feedback loop from its community, Microsoft's update (version … more
Ronald Binkofski discusses his software career with Microsoft, his plans for STX Next and the importance of taking a calm and balanced approach to work. Read more: A lifetime of software and … more
The Galaxy Z Flip 5 is currently our top pick, but there are a couple of other choices too. more
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