Meet the Lady Bosses of Private Equity Karima Ola: Driving Inclusive Growth and Impact in Africa


(Marlissa Collier, NewsUSA Reporter) - Karima Ola is a leading figure in the African financial landscape, known for her dedication to driving inclusive growth and impact investments. As Head of African Financial Services at LeapFrog Investments, an emerging markets impact investor, she champions the mission of delivering "Profit with Purpose."

Ola's expertise lies in identifying and investing in companies that offer essential services to the unserved and underserved populations in Africa. Through her leadership, LeapFrog has made significant contributions to the continent's financial inclusion, healthcare access, and broader economic development.

Landmark Investments and Impactful Leadership:

• ARM Pensions: Ola played a crucial role in LeapFrog's investment in ARM Pensions, one of the largest pensions providers in Nigeria. This investment allowed ARM to expand its reach and provide retirement savings solutions to millions of previously excluded Nigerians.

• AIICO Insurance: Similarly, her leadership led to the investment in AIICO, one of Nigeria's largest insurance companies. This investment enabled AIICO to develop innovative insurance products catering to the needs of low-income individuals and businesses.

• Fidelity Bank Ghana: Ola's contributions were instrumental in LeapFrog's investment in Fidelity Bank Ghana, a leading financial institution known for its commitment to financial inclusion. This investment has supported the bank's expansion into rural areas and the development of mobile banking solutions.


Beyond her investment activities, Ola is also a strong advocate for female leadership in the private equity industry. She chairs LeapFrog's Impact Steering Committee and serves on the boards of ARM Pensions and AIICO, actively shaping the strategic direction of these companies and ensuring that their focus on financial inclusion and access to healthcare remains at the forefront.

Building a More Inclusive Future:

Karima Ola's work extends beyond individual investments. She actively contributes to building a more inclusive and sustainable financial ecosystem in Africa. Her insights and expertise are sought after by leading industry forums and events, where she champions the importance of impact investing in driving positive social and economic change.

Ola's dedication to "Profit with Purpose" is an inspiration to the next generation of African financial leaders. She demonstrates that successful investments can go hand-in-hand with creating a positive impact on the lives of millions.

Looking Ahead:

As Karima Ola continues to guide LeapFrog's African Financial Services team, her vision and leadership will undoubtedly contribute to further advancements in financial inclusion and impact investing across the continent. Her commitment to building a more equitable and prosperous Africa is a powerful force for positive change.