How Technology Can Help Solve the Youth Coaching Crisis


(NewsUSA) - Youth sports are a formative experience for many kids, and provide opportunities not only to hone athletic abilities but also to develop strong character, values, and cooperative skills that will serve them well for life. The backbone of any team is its coach.

The right coach can help kids grow both as players and people. Unfortunately, due to a shortage of trained youth sports coaches, so many volunteers – mainly parents – have had to assume the role just so their children can play, according to the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education, that about four million out of 7.5 million youth and school coaches in America are now classified as volunteers. And most of them cite the lack of accessible and affordable training as a reason for not sticking with it for all that long.

The young athletes suffer most from the coaching shortage. They’re the ones who the University of Maine found are five times more likely to drop out if led by an untrained coach than players led by qualified ones.

However, new technologies are emerging that can support coaches of both large organizations and small teams, making it easier for them to get access to proper trainings which will help them create the best experiences for their athletes.

TeamSnap, a premier creator of youth sports software solutions, is revolutionizing coaching nationwide with on-demand, high-quality, online resources designed to simplify coaching responsibilities and provide training modules that help kids stay engaged in sports.

Their latest offering, TeamSnap+, offers educational resources in multiple areas including:

-Team drills. Collaboration with professional organizations including Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer to develop week-by-week programs for a range of age and skill levels.

-Individual assistance. One-on-one programs and guidance to help coaches tailor training to individual athletes.

-Off the field. Take youth coaching to the next level with expert advice on discussing mental health, coaching kids with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and developing essential life skills.

"TeamSnap's new training content was developed in collaboration with the greatest sporting bodies in the world. We are setting a new standard in youth sports by providing it to the millions of coaches and parents who already use the TeamSnap app," says Peter Frintzilas, CEO of TeamSnap. "Since day one, TeamSnap has been committed to building all of the resources that coaches and parents need to feel confident during every practice and game to help their athletes realize their full potential."

The coaching tools available through the platform deliver the crucial support that coaches, volunteers, and parents need to focus on what truly counts: getting kids of all abilities into the game.  For more information, visit: